«8th Annual Conference on International Aviation Liability and Insurance»

pubil«This event will brings together some of the world’s leading aviation liability experts to address the following topics:

  • Recent Developments in Aviation Liability and Insurance
  • Liability of Airlines, Lessors and Manufacturers of Aircraft, Engines & Component Parts
  • Air Carrier Liability & Alliance Immunity under the Antitrust and Competition Laws
  • Criminal Liability and Accident Investigations
  • Consumer Protection Regulation & Litigation
  • Forum Non Conveniens Dismissals of Jurisdiction
  • Unruly Passengers and Liability for Acts of Unlawful Interference
  • Accident Investigations, Annex 13 & Criminalization of International Aviation
  • Moot Insurance Settlement Negotiations: Malaysian Airlines 370 & Malaysian Airlines 17

In addition, the conference will host luncheons and receptions to facilitate networking between attorneys, insurers, air carriers, manufacturers and governmental representatives. … «

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