Call for Papers : «The (Comparative) Constitutional Law of Private-Public Arbitration» (Heidelberg, November 21-22, 2014)

pubilThe European Research Council Project, «Lex Mercatoria Publica», has issued a call for papers for a workshop to take place  at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law in Heidelberg on November 21-22, 2014.

The topic of the workshop is : «The (Comparative) Constitutional Law of Private-Public Arbitration».Here’s the abstract :

«Arbitrations between private economic actors and public law bodies are on the rise, both under international investment treaties and contracts between private and public actors, such as concession agreements or public‐private‐partnerships. Arbitrators, instead of domestic courts, now settle a wide variety of private‐public disputes, ranging from the simple non‐fulfillment of contractual obligations to complex disputes about the limits of states’ regulatory powers. Yet, in doing so, they not only settle disputes, but also review the legality of government acts and incrementally develop the applicable law. Arbitrators thereby become important law‐makers that generate the law governing public‐private relations rather independently of specific domestic legal systems and their democratic processes. The body of law thus developed, designated for present purposes as lex mercatoria publica, may then prospectively steer and restrict government conduct. …»

Deadline for submission of papers : 15 September 2014.

More on the topic and the overall project, here and here.

Source : Max-Planck-Institut