Frankfurt Investment Law Workshop 2015: «International Investment Law and History», Goethe‐Universität Frankfurt am Main, Germany, 13-14 March 2015

«For many years, the Frankfurt Investment Law Workshop – jointly organized by Rainer Hofmann (Frankfurt), Stephan Schill (Heidelberg), and Christian J. Tams (Glasgow) – has been a forum for the discussion of conceptual issues of international investment law.[…]

The next workshop, to be held on 13-14 March 2015, will explore the role of history in the interpretation and application of international investment law. It will cover a wide range of issues, from debates about investment law’s imperial origins to the drafting history of the World Bank’s ICSID Convention.

As in previous years, the workshop will bring together academics and practitioners and provide them with a forum for open and frank exchanges.If you are interested in participating, please contact Sabine Schimpf, Merton Centre for European Integration and International Economic Order, University of Frankfurt by 28 February 2015.»

Here’s the abstract :

«The modern practice of international investment law and investor‐State dispute settlement has been surprisingly ahistorical. Apart from the selective citation of a few pre‐World War II cases, the rich history of investor‐State relations and the international law that shaped them over time is largely ignored. Yet, notwithstanding the wide‐spread perception that little can be learned from historical analysis for a system that is novel and unprecedented, there is an increasing sensitivity among scholars for the history of international investment law and its impact on the practice of the field. The 2015 Frankfurt Investment Law Workshop brings together some of these scholars for a discussion of the contribution historical approaches can make to a better understanding of international investment law.»

View the programme of the workshop, here.

Source : ESIL/SEDI