ICC: «Institute of World Business Law to hold its annual training on International Contracts»

pubil«Entitled “International Contracts: Negotiating and drafting key clauses, dispute resolution, different cultural and legal approaches,” the three-and-a-half-day training will focus on the skills of negotiating and drafting a contract of quality as well “post-contract” management and how to choose the appropriate approach for conflict resolution.

Learning outcomes of the training include acquiring the skills to negotiate and draft a contract, strategies for successful negotiation, effective use of ICC model clauses and the best techniques on how to both avoid and resolve disputes. Participants will also learn to understand the importance of cultural and legal differences to avoid misunderstandings in an international context.

“Producing quality contracts that preserve the long-term relationship of parties is a skill to be learned,” said David Brown, Partner, Clyde & Co. (Paris) and Council Member of the ICC Institute of World Business Law. “This training programme has been put together for the benefit of legal directors and corporate counsel from companies involved in international trade as well as practising lawyers, legal practitioners and other business people involved in international trade and dispute resolution, and we are confident that it will contribute significantly to that process.” …»

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