ICJ: «Unveiling of a stele bearing the Law Code of Hammurabi at the seat of the International Court of Justice»

pubil«Mr. Hoshyar Zebari, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iraq, unveiled a stele bearing the Law Code of Hammurabi , in the Peace Palace, The Hague , where the International Court of  Justice (ICJ) has its seat. The gift, a replica of the 2.25 m high , 65 cm wide, basalt stele kept in the Louvre, Paris, was presented to the principal judicial organ of the United Nations by the Government of the Republic of Iraq. During the ceremony, speeches were made by both H.E. Mr. Hoshyar Zebariand and the President of the Court, H.E. Judge Peter Tomka. Minister Zebari explained that the “Code of Hammurabi , the first of its kind, include[d] almost three hundred distinct laws dealing not only with crime, but with all aspects of life: from disputes to labour to agriculture to marriage and family to trade and commerce”.He added that the Code of Hammurabi “in many of its laws and underlying principles, is surprisingly close to our modern ideas of justice”.

He concluded that the gift was a symbol of the respect felt by the people of Iraq for “the International Court of Justice and all that it represents”. In his reply, President Tomka said that the presence of the Minister at the Court was “atestament to Iraq’s commitment to the promotion of international justice and the peaceful settlement of disputes”. He added that “it [wa]s with a sense of historical wonder and profound respect for the diverse legal traditions of the world that [the Court] accept[ed] [the] gift”. The Court, he said,“[wa]s deeply honoured to have received the stele of Hammurabi, which was emblematic of Iraq’s long – standing and rich legal tradition”. …»

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