International Conference : «The Reform of International Economic Governance» (University of Granada, 9-10/10/2014)

pubilThe Research Project «International Law and the New Governance after the Economic Crisis» and the Department of Public International Law of the University of Granada will host an international conference on the «Reform of International Economic Governance» to be held at the University of Granada, on 9-10 October 2014. The two main sessions of the Conference will cover, respectively, reform of the trading regime and reform of the monetary and financial architecture. Here’s the abstract :

«The multilateral trading system is regarded as a major legal achievement and many agree that the WTO has performed as expected with respect to the 2008 crisis. By contrast, the recent financial crisis has demonstrated the difficulties for the international financial architecture to ensure financial stability. We will review the strength of the multilateral trading system and the challenges that it now faces regarding its two main goals (the stability and the liberalisation of trade relations). Similarly, we will analyse the current structure of the international financial system as well as the elements that would need to be changed in order to achieve the aim of financial stability. This conference seeks to encourage research and papers addressing these issues. Questions such as the appropriate level of national regulatory autonomy, the need for more international harmonization, or the opportunity for the strengthening of existing international organizations will arise within the Conference.»

View the programme of the conference here.

Source : UGR