New Book: «New book examines regulatory practices in services trade and role of WTO legal principles»

pubil «A new book co-published by the WTO and Cambridge University Press highlights the key challenges in addressing regulatory issues in services trade. Launched at the WTO on 7 May 2014, “WTO Domestic Regulation and Services Trade” discusses the impact of domestic regulation on services trade and how good regulatory practices and WTO legal principles can help address these issues.

The book delves into the main domestic regulation principles which trade negotiators have been seeking to craft, under the mandate of the WTO’s General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), as a means of reducing the impact of regulatory diversity, simplifying procedures, making procedures more transparent and avoiding unnecessary complexity or disguised restrictions.

The book also includes country and sector-specific case studies, which focus on a particular regulatory experience or challenge; they discuss general approaches, mechanisms or solutions that have been applied across a range of sectors. The case studies help shed light on how some of the issues discussed in the domestic regulation disciplines have been addressed. …»

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