New Issue: British Yearbook of International law, v. 84 (1) 2014

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Vol. 84, No. 1

British Yearbook of International Law 2014 84: xiii-xxiii
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Cosmopolitanism at a Crossroads: Hersch Lauterpacht and the Israeli Declaration of Independence
Eliav Lieblich and Yoram Shachar, p. 1-51

Unravelling the Mystery of Jus Cogens in International Law
Asif Hameed, p. 52-102

The Idea of ‘Rules’ in the Sources of International Law
Jean d’Aspremont,p. 103-130

The Jurisprudence of the Yugoslav and Rwandan Criminal Tribunals on their Jurisdiction and on International Crimes (2004-2013)
Robert Kolb,p. 131-186

Rethinking Jurisdiction in International Law
Alex Mills,p. 187-239

Silence in International Law
Helen Quane,p. 240-270

The Use of Court-Appointed Experts by the International Court of Justice
Daniel Peat, p. 271-303

Narrative and Theory: Formalism’s Recurrent Return
Sahib Singh, p. 304-343

Reviews of Books
The International Court of Justice. By Robert Kolb
Hugh Thirlway,p. 344-35.

The Development of International Law by the International Court of Justice. By Christian J. Tams & James Sloan (eds)
Hugh Thirlway,p. 351-354

The Sources of International Law. By Hugh Thirlway
Alexander Orakhelashvili,p. 355-357

The Foundations of International Investment Law: Bringing Theory into Practice. By Zachary Douglas, Joost Pauwelyn and Jorge E. Vinuales (eds)
Edward Guntrip,p. 357-361

Commentaries on Selected Model Investment Treaties. By Chester Brown (ed)
Catharine Titi,p. 61-364

The Oxford Handbook of the History of International Law. By Bardo Fassbender and Anne Peters (eds)
Cameron A. Miles,p. 364-370

The Origins of International Investment Law – Empire, Environment and the Safeguarding of Capital. By Kate Miles
Valentina Vadi,p. 370-372

Complementarity in the Line of Fire: The Catalysing Effect of the International Criminal Court in Uganda and Sudan. By Sarah M.H. Nouwen
Christian M. De Vos,p. 372-374

The Right to Housing: Law, Concepts, Possibilities. By Jessie Hohmann
Jayna Kothari,p. 374-376

Intangible Cultural Heritage in International Law. By Lucas Lixinski
Sun Thathong,p. 377-381

Conflict Law: The Influence of New Weapons Technology, Human Rights and Emerging Actors. By William H. Boothby
Emily Crawford. p. 381-383

The Oxford Handbook of International Law in Armed Conflict. By Andrew Clapham and Paola Gaeta (eds)
Naomi Burke,p. 383-385

Cyber Operations and the Use of Force in International Law. By Marco Roscini
Russell Buchan,p. 385-389

Entscheidungen der Schiedsinstanz für Naturalrestitution Band 5/ Decisions of the Arbitration Panel for “In Rem” Restitution Volume 5. By Josef aicher, Erich Kussbach & August Reinisch with Susanne Helene Betz (eds)
Jonathan A Bush,p. 389-394

Decisions of British Courts During 2013
Involving Questions of Public or Private International Law

1. Apex Global Management Ltd v Fi Call Ltd and others, 11 June 2013, [2013] EWCA Civ 642, [2013] 4 All ER 216, [2014] 1 WLR 492 (CA(Civ)) /
2. Smith and others v Ministry of Defence, 19 June 2013, [2013] UKSC 41, [2014] AC 52, [2013] 4 All ER 794, [2013] 3 WLR 69 (SC) / 3. AA-R (IRAN) v Secretary of State for the Home Department, 12 July 2013, [2013] EWCA Civ 835, unreported (CA(Civ)) /
4. Ford v Malaysian Airline Systems Berhad, 27 September 2013, [2013] EWCA Civ 1163, [2014] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 301 (CA(Civ)) /
5. Al-Malki and another v Reyes and another, 4 October 2013, UKEAT/0403/12/GE, [2014] ICR 135 (Langstaff J) /
6. Benkharbouche v Embassy of the Republic of Sudan and Janah v Embassy of the Republic of Libya, 4 October 2013 , UKEAT/0401/12/GE, UKEAT/0020/13/GE, [2014] 1 CMLR 40, [2014] ICR 169, [2013] IRLR 918 (Langstaff J) /
7. Regina v Gul (Mohammed), 23 October 2013, [2013] UKSC 64, [2013] 3 WLR 1207, [2014] 1 Cr App R 14 (SC(E)) /
8. Youssef v Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, 29 October 2013, [2013] EWCA Civ 1302 (CA(Civ)) /
9. Belhaj and another v Straw and Others, 20 December 2013, [2013] EWHC 4111 (QB) (Simon J): A. Public International Law
Andrew Sanger,p. 95-484

Decisions of British Courts During 2013 Involving Questions of Public or Private International Law: B. Private International Law
Andrew Scot,p. 485-525


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