New Issue : Human Rights Quarterly (Vol.36, Issue 3, August 2014)

pubilThe latest issue of the Human Rights Quarterly (Vol.36, Issue 3, August 2014) has been published.Contents include, among others, the following articles :

  • Isabel Marcus, The “Woman Question” in Post-Socialist Legal Education,
  • Xinyuan Dai, The Conditional Effects of International Human Rights Institutions,
  • Dubravka Šimonović, Global and Regional Standards on Violence Against Women : The Evolution and Synergy of the CEDAW and Istanbul Conventions,
  • Keri Ellis & Loretta Feris, The Right to Sanitation: Time to Delink from the Right to Water,
  • Emma Mawdsley, Human Rights and South-South Development Cooperation : Reflections on the “Rising Powers” as International Development Actors, and
  • Yvonne Donders & Vincent Vleugel, The Receptor Approach : A New Human Rights Kid on the Block or Old Wine in New Bags? A Commentary on Professor Zwart’s Article in HRQ.

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Source : Project Muse