New Issue : International Studies Review (Vol.16, Issue 2, June 2014)

pubilThe latest issue of the International Studies Review (Vol.16, Issue 2, June 2014) has been published.Contents include, among others, the following articles :

  • Etel Solingen & Tanja A. Börzel, Introduction to Presidential Issue : The Politics of International Diffusion—A Symposium,
  • Erika Forsberg, Diffusion in the Study of Civil Wars : A Cautionary Tale,
  • Richard Rosecrance, The Partial Diffusion of Power,
  • Merouan Mekouar, No Political Agents, No Diffusion : Evidence from North Africa,
  • Wilfred Wan, Firewalling Nuclear Diffusion,
  • Aida A. Hozic, Between “National” and “Transnational”: Film Diffusion as World Politics,
  • David Zweig & Feng Yang, Overseas Students, Returnees, and the Diffusion of International Norms into Post-Mao Chin,
  • Robyn Klingler-Vidra & Philip Schleifer, Convergence More or Less : Why Do Practices Vary as They Diffuse, and,
  • Benjamin E. Goldsmith, The East Asian Peace as a Second-Order Diffusion Effect.

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Source : Wiley Online Library