New Issue: Journal of european competition law and practice, v.6, n. 3/2015

In this issue:

Injunctions on Standard Essential Patents: in Search of a ‘Clear Bright Line’
Paul Nihoul

Navigating the Quantum Minefield in Cartel Damages Cases
Emily Clark and Ruth Sander

Nowhere to Hide? Extradition in Antitrust Cases from a European Perspective
Markus Röhrig

Current Intelligence
YKK v Commission: How the 10% Fining Cap Works in Cases of Corporate Restructuring
Luca Crocco and Andreas Scordamaglia-Tousis

API: Italian Road Transport Tariff-setting Law Breaches Antitrust Rules
Fabrizio Di Gianni

Stanleybet v Commission: The Inadmissibility of Actions for Annulment Against Rejection of Complaints Based on Article 106(1) TFEU, Read in Conjunction with Article 102 TFEU
Dimitris Vallindas]

National and International Developments
The New Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission: Is This ‘Powerful Watchdog with Real Teeth’ Powerful Enough under EU law?
Mary Catherine Lucey

Changes to the UK Cartel Offence—Be Careful What You Wish For
Paul Gilbert

Economist’s Note
Away From Market Shares? The Increasing Importance of Contestability in EU Competition Law Cases
Geert Goeteyn, Patrick Smith, and Sara Ashall

The Application of EU Competition Law in the Energy Sector
Ulrich Scholz and Stephan Purps

Key Developments in State Aid Law
Jacques Derenne, Jan Blockx, Sofia Doudountsaki, and Jaime Rodriguez-Toquero


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