New Issue: Journal of human rights practice, v.6, n. 3/2014

In this issue:

Introduction—Rights Choices: Dilemmas of Human Rights Practice
Ron Dudai, p. 389-398

‘A Very Highly Political Job’: Human Rights Practice, ‘The Political’, and Practitioners’ Dilemmas in Sri Lanka
Vijay K. Nagaraj and Shermal Wijewardene, p. 399-421

Values in Practice: Dilemmas and Deliberations of Israeli Human Rights Organizations
Noam Hofstadter, p. 422-450

Between Insurrectional Discourse and Operational Guidance: Challenges and Dilemmas in Implementing Human Rights-Based Approaches to Health
Alicia Ely Yamin and Rebecca Cantor, p. 451-485

The Cruelty of the Abolitionists
Jonathan Simon, p. 486-502

Editor’s Choice: On the Goodness of Despair
David Shulman, p. 503-510

Letter from Toronto: Post-World Pride 2014 Reflections on LGBTQ Art and Activism
Brian Phillips, p. 511-521

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