New Issue : Journal on the use of force and International law, n. 1/2014

pubilIn this issue:

Introduction, pp. 1-2(2)
Authors: Green, James A; Henderson, Christian; Ruys, Tom

Editorial Comment: The Annexation of Crimea: Russia, Passportisation and the Protection of Nationals Revisited, pp. 3-10(8)
Author: Green, James

Major Post-Westphalian Shifts and Some Important Neo-westphalian Hesitations in the State Practice on the International Law on the Use of Force, pp. 11-54(44)
Author: Kreß, Claus

Making Sense of Self-Defence in the War on Terror, pp. 55-79(25)
Author: Boyle, Joe

Reacting to the Use of Chemical Weapons: Options for Third States, pp. 80-121(42)
Author: Hayashi, Mika

The Crisis in Syria and Humanitarian Intervention, pp. 122-147(26)
Authors: Henriksen, Anders; Schack, Marc

Digest of State Practice 1 July–31 December 2013, pp. 149-189(41)
Author: Ruys, Tom

The Six-Day War and Israeli Self-Defense: Questioning the Legal Basis for Preventive War, pp. 190-197(8)
Author: Barnidge, Jr, Robert P

The Inherent Right of Self-Defence in International Law, pp. 198-205(8)
Author: Melling, Graham

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