New Issue : Journal of World Energy Law and Business (Vol.7, No.5, October 2014)

The latest issue of the Journal of World Energy Law and Business (Vol. 7, No. 5, October 2014) has been published. Contents include, among others, the following articles:

  • Special Issue: Unconventional gas in East Asia,
  • Philip Andrews-Speed & Christopher Len, The legal and commercial determinants of unconventional gas production in East Asia,
  • Tony Regan & Zhu Chao, Twenty five years of coal bed methane development in China,
  • Paul Deemer & Nicholas Song, China’s ‘Long March’ to shale gas production–exciting potential and lost opportunities,
  • Toby E.G. Hewitt, A progress report on Indonesian coal bed methane development,
  • Luu Hoang Ha, Institutional and regulatory constraints for the development of unconventional gas in Vietnam, and
  • Lord Justice Lewison, Thirty years of change

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Source : Oxford Journals