New Issue : Transnational Dispute Management (2015, No.1)

The latest issue of the Transnational Dispute Management/TDM  (2015, No.1) has been published.

This is a special issue on  «The Pacific Rim and International Economic Law : Opportunities and Risks for the Pacific Century».It includes, among others, the following papers :

  • M.Du, The Case Against China’s joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP),
  • A.Henderson, G.Satryani, Regulating State Owned Enterprises in the TPP : The View From South East Asia,
  • K.Andelic, A U.S.-China BIT-Resolution of Investment Disputes in Context of Transparency Issues,
  • L.Chung, D.Robertson, K.Lindeman, A.Hoffmann, Investor-State Dispute Resolution in Australia : A Changing Landscape for Investors,
  • L.Nottage, Do Many Australia’s Bilateral Treaties Really Not Provide Full Advance Consent to Investor-State Arbitration? Analysis of Planet Mining v. Indonesia and Regional Implications,
  • M.Levine, Canada-Chine FIPA & Canada-Korea FTA : Recent Canadian Pieces in the Pacific-Rim Investment Treaty Jig-Saw,
  • L.Li, Pending Issues in China’s BITs : National Treatment, MFN Treatment, Environmental Protection and Enforcement of Award,
  • L.Wang, State Controlled Entities as Qualified »Investors» : Implications for the Pacific Region Investment Treaty Making,
  • P.Dumberry, Drafting the Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard Clause in the TPP and the RCEP : Lessons Learned from the NAFTA Article 1105 Experience, and
  • N.Gal-Or, Canada’s Anti-Corruption Framework and the Relevance to the Pacific Rim and TPP Negotiations.

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Source : TDM