New Issue : Transnational Environmental Law

pubilThe latest issue of the Transnational Environmental Law (Vol.3, Issue 1, April 2014) has been published.Contents include, among others, the following papers :

Symposium: Global Climate Governance Without the Us :

  • Joanna Dafoe & Douglas A. Kysar, Symposium Foreword: ‘Go Ahead Without Us’: Global Climate Change Policy in the Absence of Full Participation,
  • Stuart Beck & Elizabeth Burleson, Inside the System, Outside the Box: Palau’s Pursuit of Climate Justice and Security at the United Nations,
  • Daniel A. Farber, Climate Policy and the United States System of Divided Powers: Dealing with Carbon Leakage and Regulatory Linkage,
  • Kenneth W. Abbott, Strengthening the Transnational Regime Complex for Climate Change †,
  • Edward A. Parson, Climate Engineering in Global Climate Governance: Implications for Participation and Linkage and,
  • Michael B. Gerrard & Shelley Welton, US Federal Climate Change Law in Obama’s Second Term.

Articles :

  • Andreas Kotsakis, Change and Subjectivity in International Environmental Law: The Micro-Politics of the Transformation of Biodiversity into Genetic Gold and,
  • Uzuazo Etemire, Public Access to Environmental Information: A Comparative Analysis of Nigerian Legislation with International Best Practice.

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Source : CUP