New Job Opening : Research Professor and Coordinator in Political Science at Pluricourts (Faculty of Law, University of Oslo)

«The Faculty of Law, by PluriCourts – Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order, announces a position as Research Professor and Coordinator (code 1404) in political science for 5 years, once renewable.

The successful candidate will have a strong publication record of empirical research on international courts or tribunals in one or more of five issue areas – human rights, investment, trade, international criminal law, and environment – with an interest in theory and research methods, and with evidence of a commitment to direct and advise researchers within multiple disciplines. The Court of Justice of the European Union is not a central research topic. […]

Requirements for the application, preferable as PDF-files:

  • Cover letter (statement of motivation and research interests)
  • CV (summarizing education, positions, academic work and scientific publications, experiencec with research leadership)
  • A complete list of publications, with an indication of which three you regard as your best relevant work which three you regard as your best relevant work. Those three should be submitted with the application, preferably as pdfs, paper copies are discouraged but will be accepted. These three must be written in English, Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish, unless PluriCourts has agreed otherwise. In the case of papers written by more than author, a statement by the co-author(s) must be enclosed explaining the extent of the contributions by the various people involved.
  • Contact details of four references who know your research and your experience in directing research
  • Research Plan : maximum 5 page, which covers
    • a) Plans for own future research over the coming five years, showing how this will promote both the candidate’s academic career and PluriCourts’ research plan. It should specify the objectives and scope of the
      project(s), explaining how it relates to the candidate’s previous work.
    • b) Plans for coordinating and fostering political science research in PluriCourts, e.g. including topics for publication oriented workshops, PhD courses, and the potential value added of (meta) data bases, in pursuit of the PluriCourts research plan.
  • Other qualifications and documentation.»

Application deadline : 24 March 2015.

More, here.

Source : UiO