New Volume Published: Annals of Air and Space Law

In this Volume among others you will find:

Kiran Krishnan Nair
Expanding Space Security to Contain SATCOM Misuse by Terrorists, Narcotraffickers, Criminals and other Non-State Actors

Sandeepa Bhat B
Application of Environmental Law Principles for the Protection of the Outer Space Environment: A Feasibility Study

Michael S. Dodge
Earth Observation and the Needs of the Many: the Future Structure of International Disaster Relief Law and Disaster Management

Michael Jennison
The Montreal Protocol of 2014 is intended to Modernise the Tokyo Convention of 1963: Can it Succeed?

Eman Naboush
The Meaning of «Bodily Injury» in Air Passenger Litigation

Md. Tanveer Ahmad
Environmental Effectiveness of ICAO’s Basket of Mitigation Measures to Arrest Emissions from International Civil Aviation

Francis Schubert
The Integration of Remotely Piloted Aircraft in the Air Navigation Services System …»

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