P. Merkouris and M.Fitzmaurice «Scope of the 1992 Water Convention»

pubilPanos Merkouris (University of Groningen, Faculty of Law) and Malgosia Fitzmaurice (Queen Mary University of London, School of Law) have recently published «Scope of the 1992 Water Convention»on SSRN.You may also find this article in Attila Tanzi et al. (eds.), THE UNECE CONVENTION ON THE PROTECTION AND USE OF TRANSBOUNDARY WATERCOURSES AND INTERNATIONAL LAKES: ITS CONTRIBUTION TO INTERNATIONAL WATER COOPERATION (Martinus Nijhoff 2014, FORTHCOMING).

Here’s the abstract :

«This Chapter will be devoted to the scope of the 1992 Water Convention. Its focus will be the general legal framework of the Convention, as the detailed analysis of its normative scope and the overview of its underlying legal principles will be discussed elsewhere in this publication.

Suffice to say that the Water Convention is a framework (‘umbrella’) treaty, a quite usual form adopted in international environmental law. As to the underlying principles, since these will be analysed in other Chapters of this publication we will restrict ourselves to simply mentioning that that this is a very contemporary treaty based on such principles as the precautionary principle, the polluter-pays-principle, integrated water management, intergenerational equity and a set of procedural requirements.

For the purposes of the present Chapter our analysis will be focused on the following aspects of the scope of the Water Convention: territorial (to which regions the Convention applies); material (what matters are broadly covered by this Convention); and personal (to whom this Convention is addressed, i.e. what entities are covered by this Convention).»

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Source : SSRN